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Before your vehicle gets out of the gas, you go to your nearest gas station to get gas refill in your vehicle. When you find that there is no gas in the vehicle during your drive, what will you do? When your vehicle does not work in the middle of your drive then you experience nervous breakdown. When you do not know the gas station near your breakdown location, the stress increases. In such a critical time, you have to rely on a towing company. A towing solution can give you immediate relief from the problem of Truck Breakdown. Contact us towing staff once to take advantage of Tow Truck Adelaide measures. When our employees know about the problem of your vehicle breakdown, they will send your vehicle to our team of towing operators at your breakdown site to fill your vehicle with enough gas. The Truck Factory is well known for offering the top level of towing measures to the drivers who contact us in the event of breakdowns and accidents. We provide quick recovery services so that our customers do not have to be stuck with their vehicles for a long time. Our quick response is an added advantage for motorists who often face the problem of Truck Breakdown.

Upright towing services

For the past several years, we are providing towing solutions without charging improper costs for the towing solution. We employ only experienced towing servants who are knowledgeable and efficient about all types of towing measures. Our towing drivers and technicians feel happy when they provide services to stranded motorists. No matter what the reason for the breakdown of your vehicle, our towing solution will always be available to you.

Tow Truck Adelaide
Tow Truck Adelaide

Rent Our Affordable Towing Measures

By browsing through our website, you will come for many types of towing solutions, for which you do not have to break the bank. Let’s know that we solve the towing in the front lines.

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What can you expect from us?

Our towing operators are highly responsible in their duties. While executing our Tow Truck Adelaide solution, our towing drivers and technicians will handle your vehicle with utmost care. Towing measures of our towing company can be reached for 24 hours and seven days. You can expect efficient services from our skilled professionals all the time. We do our best to fix the issues of the vehicle within a short time. Above all, our effective towing solutions can be found at every place in Adelaide.

The Evolution of Tow Trucks

Towing truck service is one of the aspects of daily lives. Very few people talk about these on daily basis. It is of prime importance when such situation arises. Just imagine the world without tow trucks.

Heavy duty tow trucks play an important role in our daily lives but we constantly ignore their importance. Its importance is known the most by those who have actually faced the Truck Breakdown in the middle of the road.

Now, when you face such a frustrating situation, at that time these Tow Truck Adelaide service providers come to your rescue. It can save your day or even your entire week. These tow trucks were born 100 years ago.

So, how did these trucks come into existence?

History of Tow Trucks:

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. This statement rightly suits to the invention of Tow Trucks. It was year 1916 when Ernest Holmes, a car mechanic, had to do some unusual tasks, i.e. to recover the car Ford Model T from his former professor who has lost the control over the car.

This process of retrieving the car took eight hours and countless blocks. Six men were at work in this process. Any how the car was saved. This led Holmes to discover the method that will make this process simple.

He used crane and pulley system. This he attached to his 1913 Cadillac. However, this Truck Recovery system failed as it was unable to bear the weight of the vehicles. It wasn’t stable enough to recover the vehicles.

Slowly, he continued to re-design the system and started working on different towing designs. He added outriggers to support his new inventions. Finally, in 1919, he received a patent for his unique tow truck design.

This gave birth to the new services called Tow Truck Services.

Tow Truck Adelaide
Tow Truck Adelaide

Initially, tow trucks were too expensive. The first tow truck was priced for $680. Later, over the years, many manufacturers started manufacturing these trucks. Slowly, as time passed, the tow truck services spread everywhere.

Today, you can see these service providers having competition among them. A service which was once expensive is now available at affordable rates. At present, various types of tow trucks are available as per the needs.

Some of these tow truck systems are: Hook & Chain, Wheel Lift, Boom, Flatbed, and Integrated. All of these are used to tow the broken down vehicles so as to avoid disturbance to the traffic. Based on various needs, these are useful.

From now on, whenever you get struck on the road or face any Truck Breakdown, just call Tow Truck Adelaide and avail the benefit of their services be it Truck Towing, Accident Repairs or Accident recoveries.

Truck towing includes light duty truck towing as well as medium duty truck towing. At The Truck Factory, truck drivers from all over the state rely on our services whenever they get stuck on the road.

We deal with all types of towing services and hence we believe that flatbed towing is the best type of towing service for a damage free vehicle. Next time, when you search for Tow Truck Adelaide, make sure to try the towing services from Truck Factory.